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Why Home Care Hospital Bed?

Treatment is a difficult process for those who have the disease and their relatives. In this difficult process, comfort and treatment of the patient is important for the quality of treatment. Patient beds specially designed according to the needs of the patient allow the patient to spend the process comfortably and to shorten the treatment time.
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Patient Bed Features

Error cots can be classified as two, three and four motorized patient cots. Dual motors lift the back and foot parts of the patient beds with dual motors. In addition to these positions, 3 motorized patient beds can change the height of the bed from the ground thanks to the elevator feature. Four motorized patient beds can take the terendelenburg and reverse terendelenburg positions in addition to all these functions.
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Selection of Patient Bed

Choosing the right bed is very important for the patient to have a comfortable process. Contrary to popular belief, always buying the most expensive may not always suit the needs of patients and their relatives. The first thing to be determined is the duration of the patient’s use of the bed. Since the patients whose treatment process and time are determined will use these beds for a short time, it will be appropriate to choose a patient bed that provides the minimum features.
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It is designed to prevent pressure injuries in patients who are bedridden for a long time. Thanks to high density PU sponge and laser cuts, sweating and pressure on the hip and back area are minimized by providing air circulation, and blood circulation increases.
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